DINA Web Sites

Recent Projects

Arkansas' Comprehensive Econonomic Development Strategy

DINA launched www.arkansaseconomicregions.org in May of 2014. It is a web portal for economic development information that covers the entire state. This project was a collaboration between the Insitute for Economic Advancement and the 8 planning and development districts. The Economic Development Administration provided the grant for the program.

City of Maumelle

DINA launched a brand new web site for the city of Maumelle in May of 2014. The new site features department specific news, extensive photo galleries and embeded videos of thier city council meetings videos.


City of Mulberry

DINA launched a new web site for the city of Mulberry, Arkansas in March of 2014.  The site was developed through a grant in partnership with the University of Central Arkansas' Community Development Institute.